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HUSS Incense Multi-Purpose Oven

24 Sep 2020

⁣Multi-Purpose Oven for incense cones or tiny cooking! [a]www.hussincense.com[/a]

Nostalgic. Versatile. Valuable. Multi-Purpose Oven for use with incense cones, fragrance oils, aromatic resins and functions as a tea-pot warmer or for tiny, real cooking!

Whether at home, in the office or as an advertising medium, the multi-purpose is great fun. This little oven is a piece of Ore Mountains craftsmanship – the real thing and traditionally made in Germany.

Only some of its amazing features:

-incense cones can glow in a standing or hanging position

-ash pan for the remains of several incense cones
-coal box for accessories such as the incense cones, matches, etc.
-chimney for smoke exit

Check us out:⁣

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